Premium Quality Sports Sand Supply & Delivery in Ireland & Uk

Premium Quality Sports Sand Supply & Delivery in Ireland & UK

We have been supplying high-quality dried and graded sand to the artificial sports pitch industry in Ireland and the U.K for over 5 years. In this time, we have discovered the importance of precision grading when it comes to the different types of sports pitches being constructed. For example, the grade necessary for a football pitch is not the same as that of a golf course green. Although the construction process varies depending on the type of pitch, they all have one common component, sand.

 Generally speaking, the area being surfaced in an artificial football field is firstly prepared with a hard foundation such as asphalt or compacted stone. The next layer is a shock pad which is usually made of a soft, cushion-like plastic blend. This layer’s main function is to absorb the impact of the players on the field. The grass carpet is then placed on top of the shock pad. The next layer is a specifically graded sport sand for infill. This gives the pitch a natural feel, weighs down the grass carpet evenly, adds extra shock absorption and helps to prevent tears in the grass carpet. Finally, a thin layer of rubber granules is places on top to provide bounce and traction. 

As all pitches are created differently with their respective sport in mind, the above method can vary quite a lot, but whether it’s a football field, a garden lawn or a tennis court, precision graded, dried sand is essential for quality and functionality. 

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