Sand Polish Filters Wastewater Treatment system Ireland

Sand Polish Filters Wastewater Treatment System Ireland

Sand polish filters have proven to be an effective way of cleaning the wastewater produced by a household before disposing of it back into the environment. It is important for the water to be cleaned before returning to the environment as wastewater can contain harmful bacteria that can damage wildlife populations and cause illness in humans such as E. Coli. The treatment of wastewater can be broken down into primary and secondary treatment. Primary treatment occurs in the septic tank where the solid waste settles to the bottom of the tank where it forms a sludge.

 The wastewater, now separated from the solids, is sent to the sand polish filter for secondary treatment. the sand polish filter is made up of layers of gravel and sand of varying grades (pictured here). the water coming from the septic tank is distributed evenly across the surface of the first layer of gravel via distribution pipes and seeps down through the layers of the filter. As the water travels slowly downwards in the filter a natural form of water sterilization takes place, which in prepares the water for dispersal into the subsoil. 

The sand quarried here at Inish pebble is graded in accordance with EPA sand standards to a high degree of accuracy. Our percolation sand also has a high silica content with negligible amounts of limestone. Although it is not mentioned in the EPA sand standards, this is a highly preferable mineral composition when it comes to sand polish filters as sands high in limestone(alkaline) content will break down over time when in contact with the acidic wastewater.  

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